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Image by Steve Johnson

AI Solutioning

Using AI

We aim to demystify Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the point that our clients clearly understand not only the AI Lexicon but how and why to use what tools when. AI is a toolchest with various tools, all particular to a specific problem. With our assistance our client will understand how to use them and when to use them in synchronous. We see the value of this baselining far beyond a project and will allow for our clients to better understand vendor proposals, Product Management and much much more. 

Image by Steve Johnson

Our Process


As we get introduced to your team, we bring the world of AI into your process to accomplish the following

  • Clearly define business goals for AI​

  • Assess criteria for Data, Security, Connections, etc. 

  • Set Plan for AI "Toolbox"​

    • Confirm resource availability for Data Scientist involvement​

    • Detail machine Learning models which can be used manually and importantly embedded into current or future environment

  • Provide Architectural plans for data flows to allow less technical resources to clearly understand the benefit and purpose of AI. 

  • Training

    • While we value our time with our clients we know that the real value of any AI based initiative is the adeptness of the team to continually develop the models after a project close. 

    • In order to due this we spend time to work with your technical and business team to develop a wholistic training plan that focuses on YOUR business processes.

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