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Westwood AI, Westwood AI LLC, Rockford, MI


Identifying threats early

We believe that in order for success in Anti-Poaching, we need to look proactively into a multi-sensor approach that meets your specific needs. We will not simply implement a varied array of individual sensors but provide to you a correlative environment, where the sensors will communicate and be able to identify threats early , in a user friendly interface and allow for the ability to monitor a vast array of land with limited resources

Westwood AI, Westwood AI LLC, Rockford, MI

All-Domain Solutions


We touch every aspect of the all-domain battlespace and address emerging threats by fusing technologies across warfighting domains. Our vision is to transform tomorrow through technology-driven national security solutions. This includes information operations, intelligence, data analytics, electronic warfare, command and control, and kinetic operations.

Transforming The Battlespace

Our proven operational capabilities ensure all-domain superiority and information dominance to accelerate unfettered decision-making through highly contested environments. Our capabilities include the following:

Westwood AI, Westwood AI LLC, Rockford, MI
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