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Data on a Touch Pad

Big Data Consultation

Understanding Data

Most times government agencies do not have a Data collection problem but find difficulties in finding something insightful from the data they do have access to. We will walk through and visualize all accessible data and provide Business Intelligence models, Widget based dashboards as well as training to staff to allow for the these items to be leveraged for future needs.

Data Technology

Technology Support


  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Oracle

  • Splunk

  • Apache Hadoop

  • Cloudera

Data Mapping Benefits


  • Scalability: As organizations grow and their data sources increase in complexity, data mapping tools become even more vital, as they can handle large volumes of data from various sources and formats.

  • Accuracy and consistency: Using a data mapping tool helps ensure data is accurately matched and consistently transformed, reducing the risk of errors during analysis. This then leads to more informed decision-making.

  • Time and resource efficiency: Data mapping tools automate most of the mapping process, reducing the need for manual intervention, resulting in saved time and resources.

  • Data integration: Data mapping tools are pivotal in integrating data from disparate sources, allowing organizations to create a comprehensive view of their data. By combining and harmonizing data from multiple systems, organizations can gain deeper insights and uncover hidden patterns or trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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