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Business Intelligence

Business Planning

Whether you are an established business or just starting your business knowing your business matrices are essential to understand where you are at what is next for you and your team. We will work in synchronous with the software your are already using for your process and develop a custom plan to confirm how we would like to use this. Whether this is leveraging Automation in your processes in an "If-Then" relationship, creating a managerial dashboard to visual your data to all an all out software reform to your business. This usually is in the form of the development and integration of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. 

Image by Scott Graham

Specific Areas We Support


  • Data Visualization

    • Allow strategic leaders ability to understand all facets of the enterprise

  • Data Management

    • Confirms what data is available, what isn't, and a plan to to address your Delta

  • Reporting

    • Once we confirm business requirements, we will coordinate a reporting strategic and automation to allow your business to use your data proactively​

  • Analytics

    • Automated, Advanced and scalable analytical approach to look at trends and roadblocks to business processes​

  • Education

    • We believe that while our initial support would be in the project, the real value added is the long benefit of your team understanding data. We pride ourselves on the ability to transition from our team to yours ,and in order to due this we detail a customized training plan to meet YOUR teams specific needs. ​

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