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Product Management

Product Manager

One of the major differences between a successful and un-successful adaption to a continual usage of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is how an organization utilizes a Product Manager. The successful use of a product manager is not just a recommendation but it is our thought that it is mandatory for client success. To achieve this, regardless of the organizational maturity of using a Product Manager, we strive to get everyone to the same end. Westwood AI will provide you foundational training, and develop a strategy specific to YOUR team to ensure success. 

Product Packaging

Product Owner Areas of Support


  • Assisting in understanding processes and how to communicate what business needs

  • Develop Strategic Product Roadmap to align project efforts to larger modernization efforts

  • Clearly Define Product Visioning

  • Align Stakeholder expectations, needs and sign off for product progress

  • Coordination of outside vendor support

  • Develop long term support models

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