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Security Equipment


Providing a scalable system

Security needs vary in both their needs and available resources. We believe that a living environment approach allows for a joint mission to identify your specific needs, identify applicable Hardware/Software to meet those needs and develop them system to work in unison to provide a scalable system. These features include but not limited to:

  • Object Detection

  • Facial Recognition

  • Autonomous Drone Responses 

  • Automated Responses

  • Harmonic Identification

  • etc.

Architectural Building





  • What We Do:

  • How you could use it:


  • What We Do: ( Discuss Tech options )

  • How you could use it: ( Automations, Business Processes, notifications, etc. )


  • What We Do: Investigations, Trainings, Software Partnering, Documentation

  • How you could use it: Discuss inverstigations, law enforcement, military etc, 

Full Spectrum

  • What We Do:

    • Living environments, Automations, autonomous environments

  • How you could use it:

    • Talk through Product Management

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