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Client and contractor

Vendor Procurement

Finding a Vendor

While we have a very robust list of partnerships who can support most needs. But in some cases it is vital to find an outside vendor who can has or can meet specific development needs. We support the client with an iterative approach: Identify problems, detail requirements, process mapping, evaluating vendor proposals and providing a recommendation with matrices to assist sponsors in final decisions. We can also assist in developing an onboarding checklist for your onboarding partner to ensure the project begins as smoothly as possible. 

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Procurement Deliverables


  • Target specific industry leaders for the given topic

  • Detail in a customer friendly template, business requirements 

  • Collect Praposals, Terms and confidtion and guide the business through review

    • Identify issues, questions and provide feedback back to submitter

  • Assist in vendor negotiation

  • Ensure Project/Product documentation have been projected

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