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Living Environment

We at Westwood AI wholeheartedly believe that we are in an age that silo'd solution no longer meet the ever evolving business needs of our customers. This encompasses using a sensor agnostic approach to meeting your specific problems sets to already proven technological solutions. These multi-sensor "Living Environments" allows for the automation of monitoring & surveillance applications to sense, analyze, and interpret images, videos, and other sensor inputs for making pre-determined Trigger and Action autonomous action.


Drone - AI detection capabilities

  • Multi Sensor arrays

  • Social Media Integration

  • Map overlays

  • Law Enforcement angle


We offer the following:

  • Drone

  • Multi-Sensor


  • Full Spectrum

Autonomous Vehicles

  • Automated Drone Mobility

  • Facility Operational Automations

  • Multi-Sensor approach for Security and Disaster Management

  • Object Detection

  • Integration into a Mutli-sensor environment to further develop automation capabilities

Object Detection

  • Image annotations

  • Video Annotation

  • 3D Point Cloud Annotation

  • Drone Operational Processing

  • Realtime Intelligence Annotations

  • ML Model Validation

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