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Our Services

Westwood AI and our vast Partner network allows us to provide guidance and expertise in the following fields. 

Vendor Procurement

Westwood AI technical professionals provide an expert consulting on a holistic approach to first identifying a business particular problem and leveraging a very wide array of existing and cutting edge technologies to provide a solution which meets current and future needs.

Solution Architecture

Westwood AI Provides a holistic architectural approach to our technical solutioning as it is absolutely necessary to ensure a successful role out as well as allowing for a baseline for the client to develop the system further.

Project/Program Management

It has been our experience that while identifying the problem and aligning a solution can be difficult, ensuring a smooth integration can be the determining factor for a solutions long term success. With this in mind we stay with our client throughout the whole process.

Big Data Consultation

Most times government agencies do not have a Data collection problem but find difficulties in finding something insightful from the data they do have access to. We will walk through and visualize all accessible data and provide Business Intelligence models, Widget based dashboards as well as training to staff.

AI Consultation

With many industries being stuck in the legacy stage, even the smallest AI efforts on your part will be rewarded with decreased risks and expenses and increased effectiveness and conversions. Just one automated daily task will start a chain reaction of successful innovation.

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